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Parisi Speed School for Phys Ed at Double Diamond Athletic Club

Saturday, November 04, 2017 7:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Double Diamond Athletic Club
This activity is not NNHS-sponsored, but you might find the information useful.

Homeschool Phys Ed

This came to the NNHS email. We are not familiar with this organization, but Carlen Cooper is a trusted local homeschool mom. Please reply directly to her or the organization as noted at the bottom.

Parisi Speed School
at Double Diamond

We have been working with Double Diamond Athletic Club in Reno to offer our kids an opportunity to participate in a weekly youth physical education training at their Parisi Speed School.

Kids ages 7-18 are challenged and trained in different areas by elite qualified coaches (one a homeschool grad herself!) at their facility.

We have seen a huge variety of abilities, as they work with children with no sports background who are wanting to develop coordination, acceleration and speed all the way to top athletes.

The big thing for kids like my son, who have been hesitant and uncomfortable in gym environments, is that the coaches are all about self-esteem building, team-building and it’s FUN!  It truly is an incredible program, which is why I’ve been trying to get our homeschoolers a chance to get in there and check it out!

Here’s their program description:

The Parisi Youth Sports Training System has proven results for youth from age 7 to 18 and beyond. This program is designed to get youth physically fit and create a foundation for a life-long healthy life style, all while having fun

·         Active Dynamic Warm-up –this true warm-up focuses on specific exercises and choreographed maneuvers during dynamic muscular movement to increase body core temperature and blood flow.

·         Movement Skill Methods – This phase is focused on the four areas important to a strong and powerful foundation: deceleration, acceleration, change of direction and maximum speed.

·         Strength and Power Development – Also focused on four areas, this phase targets the muscular and nervous systems in order to create strength, power and stabilization throughout the body.

Parisi Promo video:

Parisi Class Schedule:

I am SO excited and have even BETTER news than the original price per month quoted for Parisi classes 3 x per week at Double Diamond Athletic Club!

They agreed to enroll each child or teen at the rate of $45 per month!

Here’s the scoop:

Your child/teen needs to have an evaluation before starting as they track their progress and assess monthly, they were super motivational and encouraging with my oldest!

The assessments are any Wednesday at 5:30pm or Saturday at 10am.

Please call the club to schedule the assessment (775) 851-7171

When you go to sign up, please remind them you’re with Carlen Cooper’s Homeschool group and the $45/month rate.

Again, you can pick any 3 days a week that work for you.  They offer classes 6 days a week so please check their schedule attached here and get started in this awesome program!

Double Diamond Website:

Please forward to families and friends not in this email group, thank you!

Carlen Cooper
Please email me with any questions
cs_cooper @

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