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Field Trip Organizers Invited

Monday, November 06, 2017 7:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

NNHS-Sponsored Groups and Activities

Help Out Homeschoolers!

There is talk over in the NNHS Facebook group about a few activities still missing organizers. If you're inclined, take a look and see if any of these you are already organizing for fellow homeschoolers, or are willing to make a few arrangements to get your family into them.

Organizing a Homeschool Outing

It's easy to be an organizer. All you need do is contact the location/Organization and ask to set up a homeschool field trip or group. Choose something of interest to your family, that accommodates the age/interest of your homeschooler(s). Ask for programs or group discounts, special days or times. Here are some basic questions you will need to ask/information to provide so we can invite the whole group:

DATE, TIME (begin/end)


Complete Description/Why a homeschool family should be interested:

Age recommendation/restrictions:

Cost: (if you need NNHS to collect money in advance, we will have to add the convenience fee. Just ask us before you post anything.)

Parents pay or free?
Minimum to get group rate?
Maximum group size? Including or excluding chaperones

Registration or Payment deadline? (We need a few days between the deadline and the event to complete payment. Remember we are just volunteer parents with busy lives. :-) Ask us how much time we will need.)


What to bring / What NOT to bring
For more info on what to expect visit: (typically the organization's website)

Check in where, when, with whom:


Email us at activities at with the details, and we will get back to you with the convenience fee and deadline. We can help answer questions for you, or make suggestions about how/when to advertise or even to schedule things. We will need a way to reach you when the event day arrives, because there are always cancellations and people running late. We get the emails and can contact you if necessary, if we have your cell phone # or a good email for you.

You are welcome to post the activity in the NNHS Facebook Group. It's now so large that you will be able to invite only those in the group who are also your FB friends. So, we always have to ask people to share the info on their own walls.)

After registration closes, NNHS will complete payment to the vendor and email a check-in list to you as organizer, so you have the names of all the paid attenders. Then, you just bring a small sign that says NNHS and the list, show up a few minutes early, greet people, check them in, make a few new friends, and done! If you get time, snap a few pictures and email them to NNHS.

So, here are a few ideas to get you started, but feel free to explore your own. If you're already working on something, please let us know. We try to keep people informed as we are able. (Did I mention we are all just busy volunteer homeschool moms?)

  • Santa Train/Candy Cane Train
  • Roller Skating
  • Ice Skating at ACES
  • TMCC Children's Theater Performance
  • Reno Philharmonic Young People's Concert in Spring 2018
  • Bowling or Tour of the National Bowling Stadium
  • Challenger Learning Center
  • Art Workshops
  • Monterey Bay Aquarium Field Trip
  • Sacramento Zoo
  • Sutter's Fort in CA
  • Mini golfing
  • Swimming lessons
  • Galena Hikes
  • Railroad museum
  • Virginia City
  • Piper's Opera House
  • Genoa
  • Ichthyosaurs
  • Bowers Mansion
  • Carson City Mint

Free Tours:

  • In n out Burger
  • Tmwa
  • Police, fire, sheriff
  • TV stations
  • Kimmie Candy
  • NV State Museum
  • Library
  • Capitol/Governor's Mansion
  • Fort Churchill

2018 Sheep Show

2018 Reno Sheep Show - it's been discussed that Saturday, January 19 is free, but some want to go to an educational program on Friday, Jan. 18. All we need is a parent to contact them and make arrangements. I can help you get reservations and collect money. Just message me with the dates and details. Check out to get started

2018 Sky Tavern Ski Fridays

Last year there were parents working toward a really amazing discount and all-homeschool day on the hill on Fridays. We did not meet the minimum Sky Tavern required, but we might be able to with a bit more advance notice to spread the word. Is there are parent out there working on this already? Someone willing?
Be advised, there is an NNHS group on Thursday mornings, and a Classical Conversations group on Thursday afternoons already set up. But with the thousands in NNHS, we should maintain hope. We can collect "pre-registrations" to gauge interest first, if you like.
Try to reach them here:

Kids and Bees January 2018

Click this link for a video by the Louisiana Farm Bureau of a similar program in New Orleans!
Click this link for photo albums for past programs.
For more information, click here to join our Facebook event page.
To RSVP your children or students for the January 12th free program, please visit our event page here.

To register large groups, for further information and any questions, please contact Program Director, Sarah Red-Laird at or Program Assistant, Phylicia Chandler at, or call us at 541-708-1127

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