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Aces Education Day

  • Wednesday, May 12, 2010
  • 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM
  • Aces Stadium downtown
  • 55


  • Aces baseball game.


I hope everyone is looking forward to the game.  We will meet at the stadium no later thant 9:30.   Please do not be late and please allow for parking and walking time.  There is no parking at the stadium so you must park on the street (meters) or at a paid lot.  The closest lot is the bowling alley lot directly across the street and 2 blocks away, from the main entrance.  The cost is normally $5.00.
We will meet on the grass at the west end near the VIP parking lot in front of the stadium.  There will be many school groups going in so please look for us.  Those that do not know me I will be wearing a pink visor. 
You are welcome to bring in sack lunches but no glass.
My cell phone is 351-8646.
It is unfair to the other families if we have to wait for anyone.  Therefore I will not be waiting for anyone so please make sure you allow for all situations.  If yu can not make it by 9:30 you are welcome to pick up your tickets from me.  I will be at Carol's wow building on Thursday for the science class.  However please remember if you do not go in with the group, I have been told you will not be able to participate in the education day activities and you will not be able to bring in food.  
Ford 4 pd
McNeil 5 pd
Crook 5 pd
Goodwin 5 pd
Johansen 5 pd
McBride 3 pd
VanDyke 3 pd
Burdon 4 pd
Winkelman 7 pd
Ball 2 pd
Lorenz 4 pd
Tisza 3 pd
Holroyd 2 pd
Mick 8 PD
Tamarah 3 pd
Willis 3 pd
Kelly 2 pd
Panziera 2 pd
kee 3 pd
parkey 4 pd
If you need anything please email me offline
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