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Disney + YES Classes!

  • Wednesday, October 08, 2014
  • Thursday, October 09, 2014
  • Disneyland!


  • 1 Day admission to park hopper + 1 YES class on October 9th
  • 3 Day park hopper + 2 Yes classes
  • For passholders or those with tickets


Join us at Disneyland and California Adventure this Fall!

Please read the options carefully, then if you have questions, contact Dawn Johansen at Please register online at If you have problems with the nnhs site and registering, contact Carol at

OPTION 1: - 3-day park hopper + 2 YES classes (choose one on the 9th and Animation on the 8th) = $168

OPTION 2: 1 day park hopper + 1 YES class choose one on October 9th. $99

OPTION 3: For passholders or if you have your own tickets $37 for each YES class only. $40

For parents and siblings who are not attending classes, just add tickets to your option above when registering and select "parent or sibling not attending class" while filling out registration form.

Class options for October 9th:

Leadership- Discover the Disney way of working and the management skills used to lead a Cast of thousands. Students in grades 6-12 will practice overcoming obstacles by working as a team and thinking creatively to develop solutions in this 3-hour program. Exercises designed to reinforce courage, curiosity and constancy aim to give students the confidence to set goals and accomplish their dreams.

Key Learning Points:

During this interactive field study, students will:
Tap into their personal leadership skills and learn how to apply them in a team setting.
Discuss the importance of diversity and respect for the ideas and contributions of others.
Develop and display effective interpersonal communication skills.
Brainstorm for creative ideas and solutions to a given problem.
Apply different ideas, perspectives and approaches to a project.
Gain the confidence and determination to overcome obstacles and accomplish goals.
Lead a project to completion while maintaining a positive attitude.

Energy and Wave-Program Overview

Students in grades 3-5 discover light and sound as forms of energy and how to use them in practical application. In this 2.5-hour academic adventure students see first-hand how these elements are a vital part of creating world class attractions and how Disney uses these physical properties to entertain and amaze guests from all over the world.

Key Learning Points

During this interactive field study, students will:
Define the concepts of a medium, energy and work.
Explain the phenomenon of binaural hearing.
Describe and demonstrate a compression wave.
Articulate and demonstrate how solids, liquids and gases affect sound.
Illustrate how white light is composed of different colors.
Discuss how different colors of light are made up of different wavelengths.
Identify various historical figures and their involvement in specific events in chronological order.
Apply a hypothesis through observation, experimentation, the recording of data and the drawing of a conclusion.
Compare and contrast refraction and projection.
Name the 7 forms of energy and demonstrate the Law of Conservation of Energy.
Understand energy types, sources, and conversions and their relationship to heat and light.

October 8th all students will take Disney Animation

Program Overview

Learn about the complex components that work together to bring favorite Disney characters and stories to the big screen. In this 3-hour program students will study Disney's role in the history and processes used to create early animated features, as well as the innovative animation techniques used to bring the vision of modern storytellers to life. Students in grades 3-12 will explore their own storytelling skills by planning and designing a storyboard and creating a kineograph.

Key Learning Points

During this interactive field study, students will:
Articulate the various elements of the animation process.
Demonstrate storyboarding and pitch their story to the group.
Draw a Disney character using simple geometric shapes.
Describe the physical phenomenon of persistence of vision.
Calculate the number of frames needed to produce a 60-minute animated film.
Create their own simple animation by making a kineograph 1/12 of a second long.
Discuss Walt Disney's role as a leader and innovator in the animation and entertainment industries.
Understand how the characteristics of media, techniques and processes can be used to enhance the communication of experiences and ideas.

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