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Board Game Day December

  • Monday, December 28, 2015
  • 12:00 PM
  • Round Table Pizza, Golden Valley,


Registration is closed
Let's get together with our games! Did you get a new board game for Christmas? We can visit with our friends, and make new friends.

Please bring your favorite non-electronic game (arcade day is coming soon!). Board games and card games of any sort are invited.

See event post. We will probably be there for about 2 hours, so if you're a few minutes late, don't worry. If you must leave early, that won't be a problem. This is informal with no scheduled program. But try to get there at the beginning, so you can choose which game you want to play!

It's nice to spread the fun out around town, and we haven't done much up north, so please consider making the short drive Golden Valley.

FREE if you eat before you come. Or pick up some pizza there (sorry, no gluten free crust, but there is a salad bar). It would be courteous to pick up a snack or beverage there, since we will be hanging around their establishment for a while.

Everyone is welcome. Bring a friend! Since this is during WCSD winter break, consider inviting your family and neighbors who aren't homeschooled. It might be nice to get out of the house and meet some new friends. Parents can chat and watch the kids who are too little to join in a game. Will anyone be bringing Candy Land?

Since this event doesn't require a minimum and there is no group payment, you can RSVP in the FB High School group, the main NNHS FB group and/or here, on the NNHS website (choose one). But just for practice, why not choose either Facebook OR the website, and please update your RSVP as your plans change. Thanks!
There IS a maximum allowed at the pizza parlor, so RSVP is important. If we know beforehand we will be too crowded, we can move the location. It's much more difficult to do that AFTER we arrive. :-)

Remember, fair or not, every time we gather as homeschoolers, we represent homeschooling to the outside world. Let's be certain we are on our best behavior (as I know you all will be!).

Please keep an eye on your littlest ones. We don't have to be silent, but a polite volume level would be appreciated by the restaurant's other guests. Let's be certain we clean up our area before we depart.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND This is about making friends, NOT about what you eat or where we are meeting, for free.

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