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NNHS Board Election

  • Friday, June 24, 2016
  • 11:30 AM - 12:30 PM
  • Lazy 5, Sparks

Details to come.

It’s time for the biannual NNHS Board election.

Election will take place on
Friday, June 24, 2016 at lunch

Board member Term is 2 years
from July 1st, 2016

Nominations deadline is
Midnight, June 18th

NNHS is 100% member-donation-supported. NNHS is a volunteer-run non-profit, and it always has been for the two decades or so it has existed. There will not be any money for board members, no matter how hard they work.

Nominations information:

Accepting Self-nominations only. (I know you can all think of someone who should help out, but please nominate yourself, only. But feel free to chat with your suggested friends and try to convince them to help :-)

Deadline for nomination and biographical statement or resume of qualifications by midnight, June 18th. After that, nominations will be published so all members have opportunity to read and decide on their candidate(s).

*It is NOT necessary to be on the board in order to plan or organize activities, or be helpful to our mission. But if you are inclined to offer your time and talents to help NNHS become stronger and more helpful to homeschoolers, read on.


- Nominees must be a current member of NNHS with complete contact information on file at Name, email, address, phone, number of children being homeschooled now
- Nominees must be homeschooling in Nevada at the moment (at least one child legally, having filed the NOI, unless no child has reached 7 years of age yet)

As well as:

- Have time available to work on NNHS duties and go to activities
- Possess specific skills pertinent to duties
- Possess applicable experience pertinent to position sought
- Prioritize building the organization and help others to homeschool
- Demonstrate commitment to homeschooling over other education methods

How to nominate yourself:

Copy/Paste and then EMAIL THIS INFORMATION (Do not post it to Facebook, mail or fax it. Email, please, to


NNHS MISSION (so you know what we are about, and can decide if you want to help with that or not)
- Support and encourage homeschoolers in northern Nevada socially, academically, legislatively
- Maintain a diverse and accurate communication network to benefit homeschoolers
- Provide opportunities for homeschooling families to form friendships and connect with the local community – in a variety of locations, types, costs, subjects, forms, reasons
- Vigorously protect the privacy and diversity of the homeschooling membership, centering around home education
- Advocate for the freedom to homeschool in Nevada

• recruit families to homeschool, convince public/private schooling families to switch
• advocate for other educational options
• impress public school employees
• make every opportunity appropriate, convenient or affordable for every homeschooler
• compete with established homeschooling groups/organizations at what they do best, replace existing support systems or program
• Pretend any organization can make everyone happy at all times


General qualifications for nonprofit board members (for your reference)
- Nonprofit board members put their efforts into preserving and maintaining the organization.
- Nonprofit board members contribute substantial time, as well as specific talents, skills, experience
- Nonprofit board members are financial supporters/donors of NNHS
- Nonprofit board members have been members of the organization, and financial supporters, for a minimum amount of time before becoming a board member. (Suggested one year. At least 30 days)
- Nonprofit board members spend significant effort finding ways to agree and move the organization forward.

Diversity invited:
• NOI homeschoolers with another child(ren) who attends public, private, virtual charter
• New to Nevada and native Nevadans
• Elementary, Middle and High school homeschoolers
• Those who have homeschooled in Nevada only, and those who have homeschooled in other states as well
• Homeschool parents with teaching experience and/or advanced degrees, and without
• Those homeschooling large families and small, and singles
• Religious and secular
• Unschoolers, traditional / boxed curriculum homeschoolers, those using a variety of free/frugal materials/resources


NNHS Board Position Descriptions
(so you can see what we need and decide if you are suited to the position.)


Chair: average 25 hours per week. Coordinate schedule of Activities: Field Trips: community involvement, social, educational, recreational, Indoor, Outdoor, Sports, Group Lessons for Homeschoolers during homeschool-friendly times – martial arts, dance, swimming, Travel. Answer homeschooling questions via general email, facebook. Assist in establishing biannual budget. Attend board meetings and events. Connect with alternative education resources, call board meetings, represent to the media, coordinate calendar, develop and schedule advertising, train others to help with various duties, especially activities. Train a successor.

Secretary: Average 5 hours per week. Meeting Announcements, Legal Filings, Meeting Minutes, Maintain physical calendar for organization. Answer emails and communications to general email account. Answer phone. Pick up organization mail. Act as Resident Agent. Attend board meetings and events. Train a successor.

Treasurer: Average 10 hours per week. Data entry and oversight of all financial transactions, maintaining accounting records, event evaluations (P&L), monthly reconciliations, bank account balancing, member account records, registrations and refunds. Seek out non-profit discount to reduce organization expenses. Assist in establishing biannual budget. Attend board meetings and events. Train a successor.

Editor/Communications: Average 10 hours per week. Answer general email account. Generate Original Content for social media and website. Create and effectively distribute regular and accurate communication to benefit homeschoolers. Curate web and social media information, blogs, websites to help homeschoolers. Maintain social media presence. Update design of web and social media as needed. Recruit and supervise webmaster. Protect confidential contact information of members and subscribers. Filter requests. Attend board meetings and events. Train a successor.

Directors: Average 10 hours per week each. Train a successor. Collaborate with all board members to accomplish the organization's goals.

1. Welcome/Care Director: Average 10 hours per week. Lead and train a team to provide transition support for those new to homeschooling and/or new to Nevada homeschooling. Attend board meetings and events.
a. Coordinate regular, consistent ABC’s of Homeschool for new parents getting started in Nevada, or in homeschooling, as well as Homeschool 101 for parents beginning middle/high school homeschooling.
b. Coordinate regular, consistent support group meetings for information and socializing, including play days, park days, board games days, and a variety of free activities
c. Coordinate with other board members for curriculum share/swap/sale and conventions
d. Assist in establishing accessible directory of homeschool resources for new homeschoolers

2. Academic Support Director: Average 10 hours per week. Attend board meetings and events.
a. Coordinate, seek out and/or create opportunities for sufficient participation in group academic clubs, organizations, competitions, classes, clinics, camp for Writing, Science, Art, Math, Music, Technology, Science Fair, Math Club, Writing Clinics, Art Lessons, Choir, Ensembles, Bands, Orchestra
b. Assist members with resources for curriculum shopping, free and frugal apps, resources for accelerated, gifted, special needs
c. Coordinate historic walking tours, etc.

3. Membership Director: Average 10 hours per week. Maintain member records, communicate member benefits, recruit members, convert subscribers from mailing list to participating membership, seek out homeschoolers who need support, notify of resources for Elementary Care, Middle School Care, High School Care. Reach out to find and support homeschoolers in rural northern Nevada. Attend board meetings and events.

4. Fundraising Director: Average 10 hours per week. Lead and train group members in raising funds for operation of the organization, seek out and communicate Member benefits, discounts for members, giveaways, contests and promotions. Assist in establishing biannual budget. Attend board meetings and events.

5. Public Policy Liaison Director: Average 10 hours per week. Circulate pertinent legislative alerts, train homeschoolers in civics and lobbying, conduct tours and lead lobbying efforts. Help establish organization’s public policy/legislative priorities. Attend board meetings and events.

This is based on my experience. No job descriptions are specified in the bylaws. The above-described board positions of leadership could help NNHS to reach its potential in supporting up to 1,000 additional homeschool families that we might be adding in the next year.

NON-Board Positions: It is NOT necessary to be on the NNHS board to plan/coordinate activities or to help in our mission. The positions described below could help us, but there is no election necessary, and terms are flexible, less than 2 years. Applications are invited.

- Activities Panel Member: Plan and coordinate events, help others with portions of activities. Conduct events in a variety of locations, with diverse purposes, at a variety of costs, that are primarily family-friendly. Maintain social opportunities for parents. Work on developing the best events calendar suited to meet the needs of the members.

- Marketplace Coordinator: Provide homeschooler-owned and homeschool-friendly business directory. Administrate Facebook Marketplace Group

- Group Leadership Liaison: Communicate between Co-Ops, Homeschooling groups and NNHS to improve event planning, reduce scheduling conflicts, and establish/strengthen the homeschooling community

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