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NOT Back-to-School Pool Party & Picnic

  • Monday, August 06, 2018
  • 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
  • Bowers Mansion Pool, Washoe Valley, NV
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  • Everyone age 3+ must pay to enter the pool area

Registration is closed

On Monday, August 6th, Washoe County School District begins classes again (short summer!). To celebrate our choice to educate our children how, when and where we feel it's best, we will NOT go back to school this day, but once again, meet for summer fun!


Bring your own picnic blanket and lunch/snacks/drinks, and join other homeschoolers at Bowers Mansion park...and even swim at the pool!

Picnicking is free, of course. Pool admission is $3/person over age 2. All those who enter the pool area must pay, regardless of whether or not they intend to get wet. :-)


This is a do-it-yourself picnic and pool party, so get out your summer lawn games, lawn chairs, pool toys and ice chests. As with most things in homeschooling, and in life, it *is* what you make of it.

Age recommendation: THE WHOLE FAMILY!

COST: Your own picnic lunch and

$3/person age 3+ for the swimming pool, reserved JUST FOR US! Parents must pay, regardless of whether they swim. Entrance fee is charged to everyone entering the pool area. Children age 13 and under must be accompanied by a participating adult.

Be advised, specific names are not required on our registration list for this event. Our system makes the account holder the first registrant, no matter what, and no matter how many times you log back in to add registrants. So, say you don't plan to swim, but you have teens, age 14+ who will swim, so you register 3. Then later find out they will bring 4 friends. Register for "yourself" plus 2 "guests." Then, if you need to add the 4 more friends, register for "yourself" again, plus 3 guests. Total of 7...account-holder twice, plus 5 total guests.

To swim, you MUST PREPAY in the system. We will not be able to accept payment at the gate. Admission granted to prepaid replies on the reservation list only. Thanks.


200 children/adults

DEADLINE to RSVP and pay is midnight, August 5th. Payment must be completed within 48 hours after initial reservation, or by 8/5/18, whichever is earlier, or your spots will be offered to the next person waiting in line. We anticipate a full house, so please be considerate of the other homeschoolers who would like to come.

Please PREPAY by midnight, August 5th.

No payments will be accepted at the gate.

If the system gives you any difficulty, email and we will send you an invoice using The Square system. Please do not wait until two days before to try this. Do it asap! It takes time for volunteer moms to get to a computer and issue an invoice. :)

REFUNDS will *not* be available after payment is complete. So, please plan accordingly. If you must, you may substitute a different family by identifying them by name and total guest count, then emailing before August 6th, but no refunds will be processed. It is the registrants responsibility to find someone to reimburse them and take the reserved spots. Thanks.


PICNIC: Pack a lunch and drinks for your crew. There are NO nearby food options.

GAMES AND TOYS: Bring your kites, scooters, lawn darts, horseshoes, soccer balls and volleyballs to share. There is a volleyball net and a horseshoe pit nearby. Bubbles, frisbees and beach balls are invited. Get a game going and make a new friend! There is a large play structure for the little ones.

COMFORT: Bring lawn chairs. Swim suit, towel, sunscreen, brimmed hat. Picnic blanket, shade canopy (or picnic under a tree on the lawn). Public restrooms are nearby, although they might not have paper towels for your use.

HOMESCHOOL INFORMATION TO SHARE: If you organize a co-op, or offer products/services that are of interest to homeschool families, please make your own sign, bring a table or picnic blanket, chair and shade pop-up, and/or make the rounds to tell homeschoolers about what you offer. Everyone is welcome before and after the pool time to take signups for teams or clubs or lessons, or hand out information about signups or meetings. Wear a big name tag or bring your banner. There are limited picnic tables near the pool entrance, so you might be better off bringing your own table and shade. It's up to you. No need to get permission to talk to homeschoolers. :-)

CURRICULUM FOR SALE/SWAP: Bring your used curriculum to sell, clearly labeled with prices, and a folding table or picnic blanket...and maybe your popup shade canopy. There is no fee to set up a "booth" to sell/swap your materials. Bring your crafts or treats to sell, if you like. Park anywhere in the ample free parking, and set up your picnic blanket or "booth" on any lawn, near the pool entrance for the best traffic.
Obviously private curriculum sale prices will vary. Check with the individual sellers (or bring your own and swap/sell!) Please make your own "for sale" signs and label each item with a price sticker :-)

WHEN: NOON- 4 p.m.

Monday, August 6th

to picnic and make friends and share curriculum and buy books or essential oils or vitamins or purses or makeup or candles or whatever (bring your family-friends stuff to sell!) or sign up for someone's troops or lessons or classes geared toward homeschoolers,

Please arrive before 1 p.m. in order to swim!

SWIM 1 - 3 p.m. ONLY

CHECK IN with the pool by 12:45 p.m. If you come late, you will have difficulty getting inside. Really. The group must enter TOGETHER, AT ONCE, at noon. NNHS moms are volunteers, who will be INSIDE, swimming with  family at 1:01 p.m. Please don't expect us to spend the afternoon checking in late-comers. :-(

Pool is open 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. only.

EARLY DEPARTURES allowed at your convenience.
Eat your picnic lunch whenever, but
NO FOOD/DRINK ALLOWED INSIDE POOL AREA, No Curriculum should be near the pool, either, for obvious reasons.

PARKING: Free in the nearby lot.
DIRECTIONS: US395 to Bowers Mansion exit (between Carson City and Reno)
From the Bowers Pool website:

All children ages 6 and under MUST be accompanied by a participating adult.
Children 14 and under need to have a parent or guardian on the pool deck.
No refunds due to inclement weather.
Swimsuits mandatory for all participants.
No diapers allowed, except specialized swim diapers. Swim diapers are available for purchase and must be worn with a bathing suit.
Food and drink (with the exception of water) are not allowed on the pool deck. However, you are encouraged to bring a picnic and enjoy the many first-come/first-served picnic tables throughout the park. There are no concessions available.


Please participate at your own risk. By attending, or registering, you agree to hold NNHS harmless in the event of accident or injury.

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