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The Legal Form to Homeschool In Nevada
There is one legal form required to homeschool under the Homeschool law in Nevada: The Notice of Intent to Homeschool

Gia D GallegosยทMonday, May 23, 2016

Here are some easy steps to cover the requirements in Nevada (we are not lawyers, but it does not take a lawyer to homeschool legally in Nevada).

Note: NHN and NNHS are NOT the same organization. But you will want to be familiar with both.


1. Find the Notice of Intent to Homeschool form at Do not use any other form, certainly not one obtained from the school district. The form is specified in the law. Use the one in the link above. Print the NOI. Complete it. Make a photocopy.

2. While you're at, look at their SAMPLE Educational Plans. You are required by law to include your own Educational Plan when you send or deliver your NOI. The samples are a great jumping off point. When it is completed, make a photocopy.

3. Mail the NOI and Educational Plan to the Superintendent of Schools in district of the child's residence. Go to the US Post Office and stand in line to send the NOI/Plan via Certified Mail with Return Receipt Requested. It will cost a couple of dollars. ALTERNATIVELY, you can try to hunt down the correct school district office and drive the form down there personally. Be polite, but you really don't need to answer any unnecessary questions. Do not leave without obtaining some kind of receipt to prove the date you delivered it. The district office is legally required to provide a receipt/acknowledgement to you.

4. Keep the green Certified mail receipt (or the receipt from hand delivery) with your NOI/Plan photocopies, in a file or folder or box...forever. That is your proof you have complied with the law.

5. Done. Do not file again unless the child changes their residence address. You cannot be denied homeschooling rights. You are simply "notifying."


A) If the child has never before been enrolled in public or private school, the NOI/Plan are to be "filed" by the child's 7th birthday. Mail it the week the child turns 7.

B) If the child has been enrolled previously in public or private school, Nevada law gives you 10 days from un-enrolling to "file" your Notice of Intent to Homeschool with the District Superintendent in your child's school district.

C) If the child has only recently become a resident of Nevada, and has attained the age of 7 years, Nevada law gives you 30 days from moving here to "file" your Notice of Intent to Homeschool with the District Superintendent in your child's school district.


If the child has been previously enrolled, these additional steps may be advisable.

6) Write a simple letter stating your intent to withdraw or "unenroll" your child from their school (to the school, just in case), including the date, the full name and address of the child, your full name, and your signature. No reasons or explanation necessary.

7) Print out the appropriate NRS and read it. Take it with you to the school when you go to withdraw (or just mail the short letter of intent to unenroll that you wrote, Certified, Return Receipt Requested, TO THE SCHOOL). Then mail a copy of that short letter with your NOI and Educational Plan to the Superintendent of the schools in the child's county of residence).

8) Make copies of everything and keep them accessible (maybe even keep NOI copy in your wallet, just in case a truancy officer or authority asks.

9) Un-enroll your child at the school - paperwork is always a better option than phone calls IMO when it comes to this legal stuff

10) Read everything relevant to you on the NHN website

11) donate $25 to the NHN (online ;-) They help us so much and watch out for us during every legislative session)

12) join ($120.00/year) and ($30/year) 13) print out your own Homeschool IDs for your child, and a teacher ID for you, from, or design your own and even laminate it if you want. You don't have to go somewhere else to get a teacher ID. You are legally a homeschooler.

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