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  • Tuesday, March 13, 2018 2:54 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Activities of interest to Homeschoolers in Northern Nevada

    Formal Teen Dance for Homeschoolers
    April 27th from 7:00-11:00 p.m.

    FWD from EAGLE Co-Op: Jennifer Fruechting is putting together a fun event

  • Friday, February 23, 2018 6:05 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)



    Date: Friday, March 23, 2018 

    Time: 6:00 PM PT

    Location: Young Explorers - 130 W. Gepford Pkwy, Sun Valley, Nevada

    (And a big thank you to Carol Williams for hosting this event and donating the space at her new homeschool resource center.  You can find out more information about her center at:

    Registration Deadline: Midnight, Friday, February 23, 2018

    RSVP: Only the number of Project Entrants (for this event, it is NOT necessary to tell us how many spectators from your family will join the scientists :-) )

    Cost: This event is FREE! Homeschoolers will work on a project of their choice at home, with parent supervision.

    REGIONALS: Please note, due to declining participation in the Western Nevada Regional Science & Engineering Fair, it has been suspended after 50 years of operations.  Unfortunately, this means both the resources on their website and the next level of competition is no longer available.

    Age recommendation: 5 - 18 years

    Grades K-3: Can choose to do research on a state, create an invention, or complete a science project –
    State: each student will read a book about a state then make a tri-fold poster with information about the state.
    Invention: each student will create his/her own invention, make a model of it using items around the house and make a tri-fold poster explaining the invention.
    Science project: each student will present a tri-fold poster accompanied by a scientific notebook & report.
    (This section will not be judged. Every entrant will receive a participation ribbon and will learn a great deal by participating.)

    Grades 4-12: Will do a science project – each student will present a tri-fold poster accompanied by a scientific notebook & report. (This section will be judged. The grades will be split into 3 groups: 4-6, 7-9, 10-12)

  • Thursday, November 30, 2017 10:28 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Join us in the Sparks Christmas Parade representing homeschoolers in Northern Nevada this Saturday, December 2nd! If you haven’t registered yet, register now at, we need to fill up our registration! 

    Important Details:

    1. Most of the organizers have never done a parade before so we are keeping it super simple with a simply decorated trailer that will hold 10-20 people and the rest of us will be walking. You are encouraged to bring decorated wagons/strollers as needed :) The goal of this event is not to win an award for best float, but to represent homeschoolers to the larger community and enjoy this holiday season’s parade by being a part of it!

    2. Wear your festive clothing (no live Santas allowed since city of Sparks has already contracted with Santa) and bring prepackaged candy canes to hand out (not throw) to spectators if you would like to hand out candy (no flyers please)

    3. Arrive between 11:30AM-12:00PM at the corner of C Street and Fifth Street in Sparks, look for our festive banners (thank you McLaughlin Family). The parade starts at 1:00PM. Leave plenty of time to park and parking will be limited!

    4. You are welcome to bring signs representing your homeschool group or family (eg. Merry Christmas from The Williams Family or Merry Christmas from IMPACT, Classical Conversations, EAGLE, etc) 

    For any questions contact Chelsey at

  • Monday, November 06, 2017 7:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    NNHS-Sponsored Groups and Activities

    Help Out Homeschoolers!

    There is talk over in the NNHS Facebook group about a few activities still missing organizers. If you're inclined, take a look and see if any of these you are already organizing for fellow homeschoolers, or are willing to make a few arrangements to get your family into them.

    Organizing a Homeschool Outing

    It's easy to be an organizer. All you need do is contact the location/Organization and ask to set up a homeschool field trip or group. Choose something of interest to your family, that accommodates the age/interest of your homeschooler(s). Ask for programs or group discounts, special days or times. Here are some basic questions you will need to ask/information to provide so we can invite the whole group:

    DATE, TIME (begin/end)


    Complete Description/Why a homeschool family should be interested:

    Age recommendation/restrictions:

    Cost: (if you need NNHS to collect money in advance, we will have to add the convenience fee. Just ask us before you post anything.)

    Parents pay or free?
    Minimum to get group rate?
    Maximum group size? Including or excluding chaperones

    Registration or Payment deadline? (We need a few days between the deadline and the event to complete payment. Remember we are just volunteer parents with busy lives. :-) Ask us how much time we will need.)


    What to bring / What NOT to bring
    For more info on what to expect visit: (typically the organization's website)

    Check in where, when, with whom:


    Email us at activities at with the details, and we will get back to you with the convenience fee and deadline. We can help answer questions for you, or make suggestions about how/when to advertise or even to schedule things. We will need a way to reach you when the event day arrives, because there are always cancellations and people running late. We get the emails and can contact you if necessary, if we have your cell phone # or a good email for you.

    You are welcome to post the activity in the NNHS Facebook Group. It's now so large that you will be able to invite only those in the group who are also your FB friends. So, we always have to ask people to share the info on their own walls.)

    After registration closes, NNHS will complete payment to the vendor and email a check-in list to you as organizer, so you have the names of all the paid attenders. Then, you just bring a small sign that says NNHS and the list, show up a few minutes early, greet people, check them in, make a few new friends, and done! If you get time, snap a few pictures and email them to NNHS.

    So, here are a few ideas to get you started, but feel free to explore your own. If you're already working on something, please let us know. We try to keep people informed as we are able. (Did I mention we are all just busy volunteer homeschool moms?)

    • Santa Train/Candy Cane Train
    • Roller Skating
    • Ice Skating at ACES
    • TMCC Children's Theater Performance
    • Reno Philharmonic Young People's Concert in Spring 2018
    • Bowling or Tour of the National Bowling Stadium
    • Challenger Learning Center
    • Art Workshops
    • Monterey Bay Aquarium Field Trip
    • Sacramento Zoo
    • Sutter's Fort in CA
    • Mini golfing
    • Swimming lessons
    • Galena Hikes
    • Railroad museum
    • Virginia City
    • Piper's Opera House
    • Genoa
    • Ichthyosaurs
    • Bowers Mansion
    • Carson City Mint

    Free Tours:

    • In n out Burger
    • Tmwa
    • Police, fire, sheriff
    • TV stations
    • Kimmie Candy
    • NV State Museum
    • Library
    • Capitol/Governor's Mansion
    • Fort Churchill

    2018 Sheep Show

    2018 Reno Sheep Show - it's been discussed that Saturday, January 19 is free, but some want to go to an educational program on Friday, Jan. 18. All we need is a parent to contact them and make arrangements. I can help you get reservations and collect money. Just message me with the dates and details. Check out to get started

    2018 Sky Tavern Ski Fridays

    Last year there were parents working toward a really amazing discount and all-homeschool day on the hill on Fridays. We did not meet the minimum Sky Tavern required, but we might be able to with a bit more advance notice to spread the word. Is there are parent out there working on this already? Someone willing?
    Be advised, there is an NNHS group on Thursday mornings, and a Classical Conversations group on Thursday afternoons already set up. But with the thousands in NNHS, we should maintain hope. We can collect "pre-registrations" to gauge interest first, if you like.
    Try to reach them here:

    Kids and Bees January 2018

    Click this link for a video by the Louisiana Farm Bureau of a similar program in New Orleans!
    Click this link for photo albums for past programs.
    For more information, click here to join our Facebook event page.
    To RSVP your children or students for the January 12th free program, please visit our event page here.

    To register large groups, for further information and any questions, please contact Program Director, Sarah Red-Laird at or Program Assistant, Phylicia Chandler at, or call us at 541-708-1127

  • Monday, November 06, 2017 7:30 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Institute for Excellence in Writing
    This activity is not NNHS-sponsored, but you might find the information useful.

    IEW Virtual Winter Retreat

    This comes from the NNHS email account. Quite a few local Homeschoolers use IEW as their writing program. This is a FREE virtual convention. Reply to this organization directly.
    Fwd: IEW's Winter Retreat is free and provides a refreshing day of inspiration and encouragement from the comfort of your own home!

    Speakers include Andrew Pudewa, Sarah Mackenzie, Linda Mikottis, Robert Bortins, and Adam Andrews.

    Workshops include:

    Struggling Learners/Special Education: Strategies for Teachers and Parents
    Four Deadly Errors of Teaching Writing
    Classical Education: Then and Now
    What’s All the Fuss About Reading Aloud? A Round Table Discussion
    However Imperfectly: Lessons Learned from Three Decades of Teaching

    Visit to register.

    Thanks so much!


    Amalia Meadows
    Goodwill Ambassador

    Institute for Excellence in Writing​, L.L.C.​ 800.856.5815 ext 5049
    IEW® is a registered trademark of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, L.L.C.
    Structure and Style™ is a registered trademark of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, L.L.C.

  • Sunday, November 05, 2017 7:45 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    EAGLE Homeschool Co-Op
    This information is not directly about NNHS, but you might find it useful.

    Student News Needs Support

    Please reply directly to Megan Davidson or EAGLE Co-Op, as noted.


    We have started a school newspaper at EAGLE Co-op :)


    The Eagle's Catch


    I am the teacher/advisor person, and we are raising money to go to print.

    Advertising is how the professionals do it- so we are to.


    Would you or your business be interested in buying an ad in our school paper?

    We are only selling space for four ads- only to cover the cost of print.

    Two ad sizes, and the cost is tax-deductible, because EAGLE is a nonprofit.

    Ad specs:

    Only four ads per issue.

    Raising money only to cover the cost of printing.


    Business card size ad- 2 x 3.5 inches, with 1/4 inch bleed

    Medium-size ad-  4 x 6 inches, with 1/4 inch bleed


    JPEG file format 300 DPI min. at full size.

    Black & white

    CMYK colors, with a true (K) black


    Distribution run- 1,000 copies. 4 pages.  B&W


    Prices $75-95


    Contact: Megan Davidson

    meg.m.davidson at



  • Sunday, November 05, 2017 7:29 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    American Beekeeping Federation
    This activity is not NNHS-sponsored, but you might find the information useful.

    North American Beekeeping Conference & Trade Show - Bee Girls

    This came to the NNHS email. We are not familiar with this organization, but are passing along the information to you in case you find it interesting. Please reply directly to the organization noted at the bottom.

    Kids and Bees January 2018

    Fwd: Exciting news for students in the Reno area! The American Beekeeping Federation will be holding the 2018 North American Beekeeping Conference and Tradeshow January 9-13, 2018, in Reno, Nevada at the Grand Sierra Resort, and we would love to meet you! From 9:00 am until noon on Friday the 12th we are hosting a "Kids and Bees" event to engage the local community. We think this program would be a great fit for your students, and we would be honored if you would join us.

    This no-charge educational program has been a traditional featured event with the American Beekeeping Federation conference for over 20 years, and is a “don’t miss” opportunity for school groups, home schooled kids, scouts, and clubs. Kids and their teachers or parents can expect a room full of hands-on exhibits under the themes of, “The Art of Beekeeping,” “The Science of Beekeeping,” “The World of Beekeeping,” and “The Future of Bees: It’s Up to You!” They will learn about the art and science behind beeswax, honey, pollination, ultraviolet bee vision, and so much more! Students will make their way through each station, engaging with beekeepers and Honey Queens from around the US, and in activities that will harness their senses and imaginations.

    Click this link for a video by the Louisiana Farm Bureau of a similar program in New Orleans!
    Click this link for photo albums for past programs.
    For more information, click here to join our Facebook event page.
    To RSVP your children or students for the January 12th free program, please visit our event page here.

    To register large groups, for further information and any questions, please contact Program Director, Sarah Red-Laird at or Program Assistant, Phylicia Chandler at, or call us at 541-708-1127

    Please share this information with your community, space is limited - but it's our goal to bring as many students as we can to learn about our bees!

    We would love it if you would help us spread the word, and share on your social media outlets, newsletters, etc.

    Please give us a call by the end of the week if you have any questions, or would like help signing up larger groups.

    Buzz buzz,

    Phylicia Chandler
    Bee Girl Program Coordinator
  • Saturday, November 04, 2017 7:27 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Double Diamond Athletic Club
    This activity is not NNHS-sponsored, but you might find the information useful.

    Homeschool Phys Ed

    This came to the NNHS email. We are not familiar with this organization, but Carlen Cooper is a trusted local homeschool mom. Please reply directly to her or the organization as noted at the bottom.

    Parisi Speed School
    at Double Diamond

    We have been working with Double Diamond Athletic Club in Reno to offer our kids an opportunity to participate in a weekly youth physical education training at their Parisi Speed School.

    Kids ages 7-18 are challenged and trained in different areas by elite qualified coaches (one a homeschool grad herself!) at their facility.

    We have seen a huge variety of abilities, as they work with children with no sports background who are wanting to develop coordination, acceleration and speed all the way to top athletes.

    The big thing for kids like my son, who have been hesitant and uncomfortable in gym environments, is that the coaches are all about self-esteem building, team-building and it’s FUN!  It truly is an incredible program, which is why I’ve been trying to get our homeschoolers a chance to get in there and check it out!

    Here’s their program description:

    The Parisi Youth Sports Training System has proven results for youth from age 7 to 18 and beyond. This program is designed to get youth physically fit and create a foundation for a life-long healthy life style, all while having fun

    ·         Active Dynamic Warm-up –this true warm-up focuses on specific exercises and choreographed maneuvers during dynamic muscular movement to increase body core temperature and blood flow.

    ·         Movement Skill Methods – This phase is focused on the four areas important to a strong and powerful foundation: deceleration, acceleration, change of direction and maximum speed.

    ·         Strength and Power Development – Also focused on four areas, this phase targets the muscular and nervous systems in order to create strength, power and stabilization throughout the body.

    Parisi Promo video:

    Parisi Class Schedule:

    I am SO excited and have even BETTER news than the original price per month quoted for Parisi classes 3 x per week at Double Diamond Athletic Club!

    They agreed to enroll each child or teen at the rate of $45 per month!

    Here’s the scoop:

    Your child/teen needs to have an evaluation before starting as they track their progress and assess monthly, they were super motivational and encouraging with my oldest!

    The assessments are any Wednesday at 5:30pm or Saturday at 10am.

    Please call the club to schedule the assessment (775) 851-7171

    When you go to sign up, please remind them you’re with Carlen Cooper’s Homeschool group and the $45/month rate.

    Again, you can pick any 3 days a week that work for you.  They offer classes 6 days a week so please check their schedule attached here and get started in this awesome program!

    Double Diamond Website:

    Please forward to families and friends not in this email group, thank you!

    Carlen Cooper
    Please email me with any questions
    cs_cooper @

  • Friday, November 03, 2017 7:51 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Thanks to homeschool mom Jennifer V., homeschoolers will once again be able to take lessons and practice their skiing / snowboarding at Mt. Rose during the winter.

    RSVP at link below to get the information for our group.

    Thursday mornings: 5 weeks of Lessons
    January 18 - February 16, 2018

    Time: 9:30 a.m. - Noon

    Cost: $250 per skier, age 4+
    Includes 2.5-hour lesson, equipment rental, full day lift pass

  • Friday, November 03, 2017 7:22 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    This message is from a home school parent.
    While the activity is not NNHS-sponsored, you might find the information useful. Check it out. :-)

    TeenPact Registration

    It's time! Registration is now open!!! I'm super excited.
    Go here to sign up your kids.

    Dear Home School Families,

    My family has been homeschooling for the past 14 years and it has certainly been an adventure, as I’m sure your journey has been as well.  I think we can all agree that choosing to home educate is one of the best decisions we’ve all made! 

    Because of our common desire to offer excellent learning opportunities for our children, I am excited to tell you about another wonderfully enriching program called TeenPact Leadership Schools.  TeenPact currently conducts week-long classes in 42 state capitols where we teach students about all the components of state government.  TeenPact’s mission statement is as follows: “TeenPact Leadership Schools seeks to inspire youth in their relationship with Christ and train them to understand the political process, value their liberty, defend the Christian faith, and engage the culture at a time in their lives when, typically, they do not care about such things.”  Our student led staff meets with students for four days at their respective capitol (this year Carson City!) for an incredible hands-on learning experience which includes field experiences, listening to speakers, prayer walks, participating in a mock legislature, passing bills through committees and much more.  As a bonus, each student receives 1/3 Carnegie credit by attending a state class. The highlight for most students is the fun they have during the Evening Sessions each night where they interact with the staff, play games participate in worship and hear from a speaker.   Each student is challenged to think critically, grow spiritually and come away with an excellent understanding of the state government and servant leadership all while have a ton of fun and making new friends.

    The Four Day class (Monday – Thursday) is for students 13-19 years of age with the option to stay for the Political Communication Workshop on Friday.  Also on Friday, we offer a One Day class for 8 – 12 year olds.  The One Day is a “snap shot” of what happens at the Four Day and is filled with worship, skits, pray walks, discussing bills in committees, elections and much more.  It’s a fabulous day to spend with younger students while introducing them to state government processes.  They will have fun without knowing they are learning as well. 

    This year the Four Day class is February 12-16:

         Four Day class (13-19 year olds)- Feb 12-15      

        One Day class (8-12 year olds)- Feb 16

        Political Communications Workshop (13-19)-Feb        


    If you would like to receive more information about TeenPact, please visit our website at or you may contact me directly.   I am happy to answer any questions you may have.. 

    Please contact me for more information.

    I hope to see you and your students in February in Carson City! I can assure you, it will be time well spent! 


    Amber Cooper

    TeenPact Leadership Schools

    TeenPact Nevada State Coordinator

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