Teen / Tween Get-to-know-you Pizza Meetup

  • Monday, October 12, 2015
  • 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
  • Round Table Pizza at Grand Sierra in Reno

Initial get-to-know-you next to the GSR arcade (invite a friend to join you before or after pizza)

Tweens (9-12) and teens are invited (with parents and siblings, of course)

Whether you believe in structure and organization, or informal and relaxed activities, you are invited and welcome. Let's have an informal lunch and play in the arcade.

Since this is our first meeting in a while, let's talk about what we can do to keep ourselves busy and make friends! Kids are encouraged to come up with things they would like to do, that they don't think are "lame." ;-) Some leaders will likely emerge. And we would welcome that! 


We've been making plans to get a solid schedule of fun, recreational and interesting activities together. So far, we've come up with this: Each month someone will plan 2 activities on a rotating schedule - one for teens only, and one for teens/tweens/families. No one should have to organize more than one or two activities per year. 

When we leave, we may have more than one group set up to host an event once a month in their preferred style. It can be at any time. Perhaps on Monday afternoons, Wednesday mornings and/or Friday evenings. It's entirely up to you!

Come with your great ideas for fun and education and be ready to volunteer to organize something. Tell us whether you would like to focus on activities for tweens, for teens 13-15 or teens 16+

Older teens can hang out and get to know one another, and pick a few things they will organize for themselves (with adult help, if needed). Ideas are semi-formal dance, college campus tours, graduation celebration, dual credit workshops and whatever they think would be fun.

Who will help organize tweens at the lunch? Who will help parents make friends at the lunch?

Those who are interested in sharing responsibility for getting and keeping our teens and tweens active, join us in the organizing group on facebook: Teen Activities Organizers

RSVP to THIS EVENT on facebook here for NNHS High School Support Group 
2500 E 2nd Street, Suite 120, Reno, Nevada 89502