Age 8-12 Ballroom for Homeschool

  • Friday, October 16, 2015
  • 2:45 PM - 3:30 PM
  • Through the Motion Reno
$50 for the 6-week session
Ages 8-12 (or thereabout)

Dance class info for you! I'm so excited we have the official details for starting the homeschool ballroom dance class! I will post the link below to sign up or feel free to call or email me with the ages of each kid and have them enrolled so your family has space. We can pay on the first day or in the link online .

 8-12 year old (range) will be the 2:45 slot for 45 minutes

This is Ballroom dance with appropriate music for each dance. We will have a handout to practice during the week and history on the origination of the basic dances. Some kids may have apprehension about dancing so please come and let them watch to get comfortable. The program should be very very very fun and at the end of the 6 week session we will have a great party!

Link to sign up online and pay:


We start this Friday so register with me, mark your calendar, and invite anyone interested!

This is the website if you have any questions:


Location: South Reno across from the In-N-Out in the Kelly Moore complex. Right next to Burger King.
Through the Motion
80 E Patriot Blvd
Reno MV 89511