• Friday, April 22, 2016
  • 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • Sparks High School
  • 27


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Mission to Mars is scheduled for Friday 4/22. It's 3 hours 9 - 12. The kids can then stay for a 30 minute video after if they want (no additional charge). Need at least a 6th grade reading level.*

Reserve your space now.
Thank you, Nicole Frens, for being our Team Leader. Expect her.to contact.you about.your crew assignment

Sorry, no refunds after midnight, April 4*, 2016 unless we fail to reach the minimum of 16 participants.
16 = $32.50/participant
32 = $16.50/participant

HIGH SCHOOL and JUNIOR HIGH LEVEL recommended (parents welcome to join in!)

*Notes/a few ideas to share with you as you make a decision on which kids are best suited to this field trip experience:

- a 6th grade math/reading level is still recommended. A buddy with strong enough math/reading to carry more than one share of the load could be OK. You will need to help your child find that buddy before the day of the Mission

- $33/person is A LOT to pay if the family next to you brought a child far too immature to handle a 3-hour mission and the pressure of overcoming tricky obstacles with math and reading

- Please do not plan to "drop off" even an older child without finding a responsible adult who is willing to keep an eye on them and contact you in an emergency. Nicole should not have to be that person. :-)


 FIND CREW MANIFEST, STANDARDS and MISSION PREP BOOK HERE: http://www.nevadachallenger.org/space-missions.html

Our missions are great for ages 8 and up. For a successful mission, you need at least 16 participants (parents can join in if you need to boost numbers--we have mixed-age groups when we do Community missions) and 32 max. Each mission runs 3 hours, but we can add on a screening of "Journey to Space," narrated by Patrick Stewart (future of the space program--looking at preparation for going to Mars) if you'd like (we have a 22 and a 40-minute version depending on your timeline). We can do any time slot you think works best for your crowd.

We are currently located at Sparks High School (in what used to be the Auto Shop--our door faces the south end of the football field).
It is recommended that all group leaders review the Mission Prep Book, complete the Crew Manifest for their team and design a mission patch to represent their group (see Mission Prep). The more leaders prepare their group, the more they get from their experience. In addition, Group Leaders can choose to expand their mission focus based on one of the core teams:
  • Aerospace — Piloting the spacecraft (for MS-age and up)
  • Communications — Providing updates and leadership for team
  • Data — Relaying data, monitoring weather, computer programming
  • Engineering (Probe) — Building a probe and testing electronic circuits
  • Geology (Remote) — Studying rocks, minerals and soil samples
  • HazMat (ISO) — Performing detailed experiments and using a robotic arm
  • Life Support — Researching food, water and oxygen and maintaining environment
  • Medical — Testing astronauts for reaction time, heart rate and blood pressure
  • Navigation — Calculating location and plotting course for the spacecraft
  • Public Relations — Documenting the mission using photography or video (HS up)