Archery - June Homeschool Class Begins - Reno

  • Monday, June 06, 2016
  • 3:15 PM
  • High Desert Archery, Reno
  • 10


  • This reservation must be paid for on the first day of class. You spot is not guaranteed until payment of $70 for the month is made in full.

Registration is closed


1-hour begins at about 3:15p.m.

There are now several students in the age range of 6-12 but there is not an age limit. If your child can pull back the bow, and is under 18, consider joining us.

There is no contract to sign and no long-term commitment. Payment for the month is due on the first class of each calendar month.

Monthly fee is $70, which is discounted a bit because we're homeschoolers. Includes instruction and equipment rental. Yay for indoor PE!

RSVP here and bring your payment on the first day of class
(High Desert offers Jr Olympic archery and NASP competitive training, but this new class will not be JOAD.)


High Desert Archery Reno, NV
940 Matley Ln, # 5, Reno, Nevada 89502