• Friday, September 15, 2017
  • 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
  • Stead Airfield, Reno NV 89506 (Stead)
  • 371


  • Discounted registration for immediate family members of NNHS donors who have contributed $30 or more this calendar year.
  • Admission to the Reno Championship Air Races and the Aviation Learning Experience

    Membership is free, but inactive contacts don't receive timely information. Donors of $30 or more (per family) toward NNHS administrative costs, within the past year, receive discounted registration

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NNHS at 2017 National Championship Air Races


Date:Friday, September 15, 2017 at 10am entry

Time: 10am entrance until early evening (leave when you like) We must enter AS A GROUP

Location: Stead Air Field

National Championship Air Races field trip and tour, includes a brief class (other classes at your option), a short time in the grandstands (go back and sit there the rest of the day, if you like, after the conclusions of the tour), pit access, access to the military and drone zones, free parking and wristbands that allow STUDENT access again on Saturday and Sunday

Age recommendation: The Whole Family!


General admission is usually $24/person and $32 for a pit pass, plus parking is $20.

NNHS Group Rate: $3/person age 3+, parent or student
Includes small convenience fee

NNHS Donors of $30 in the past 12 months: $2/person

Registration with payment through www.NNHS.org will be your confirmation – space is limited.

Maximum: 200, including students and parents


Registration deadline: Midnight Sept. 10, 2017

Payment deadline: Midnight Sept. 12, 2017

Payment must be completed online within 48 hours of initial registration or risk cancellation so your spot can be offered to the next person on the waiting list.

Refund deadline: Midnight Sept. 10, 2017

Please change your RSVP when your plans change, even up to the day of the activity, so the entire group doesn't delay, waiting for someone to arrive who will never come. :-( Email Activities@nnhs.org to change or cancel your reservation



What to bring: brimmed hat, sunglasses, sunblock, bottled water and snacks, a sack lunch of your choice (field trip rules DO allow outside food/beverage).

If the weather forecast is for chilly weather, bring a jacket.

Strollers are welcome. Wear comfortable walking shoes (LOTS of walking!), dress in layers, bring a backpack or bag to hold your snacks and water and jackets. Bring money for souvenirs or concessions - optional. Bring a camera. Ear plugs for littles or those with sensitive ears might be good. Wear bright colored clothing to keep track of one another in the huge crowds of public school kids and adult patrons. Shade is extremely limited.

What NOT to bring: Alcohol, weapons of any kind.

Find more information here: http://airrace.org/sights-and-sounds/

For more info on what to expect visit: http://airrace.org/

On The Day:

Check in with Erica at the parking area, next to the MAIN ENTRANCE GATE THIS YEAR, between 9:15-9:30am.

LATE ARRIVALS make us sad :-( We MUST enter as a group, at the same time, promptly at 10am, so, please don't be tardy. With a group of 200, our tardiness would throw off the entire schedule for all the field trips.

EARLY DEPARTURES allowed at your convenience. But you won't want to miss the fun. :-)

Directions:US 395N to Stead Exit

Parking: Designated Lot will be announced soon. We had special NNHS field trip parking last year, and expect the same thing this year.


IF YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED PARKING INFORMATION VIA EMAIL at least 48 hours prior to the event, please email activities@nnhs.org for help. Check your spam folder.

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Follow NNHS on Twitter and Instagram (and in the Facebook Event) for updated information as the day progresses.

Photo policy: Please do not post photos/videos of other people's children (in which the child is recognizable or more than 50% of the child's face is visible) to social media without the permission of that child's parent. Never post and then tag the parent, without prior permission. This is a matter of courtesy, as well as a matter of safety, and possibly law, i.e. if the child is in foster care. Please be respectful of the privacy wishes of others in the group. Thank you.


Organized by: GG